In 2009, Visual Thinkers was founded to help fill a need, to provide outstanding media development services using Pictorial and Spatial Design and to communicate and serve with beauty and style. Pictorial and Spatial Design consists of two forms of design. Pictorial Design pertains to using imagery and graphics to tell a story and we provide this through our photography, copy-writing and videography services. Spatial Design involves working with mathematics, science, and art to simplify and convey complex communications and to create strong interfaces. We provide this through our software development and graphic design services.
The Visual Thinkers team consists of a variety of resources which Jeremy provides agency for or provides himself. Currently, Visual Thinkers works with a world-class Indian digital marketing agency which specializes in web, mobile and other digital marketing services with 70+ individuals. Visual Thinkers has partnered with this team for the past four years.  Visual Thinkers partners as well with a local photographer, videographer, graphic designer and copywriter.

Since 2001, Jeremy Cummings has been providing media services. Jeremy has 16 years of technology and marketing experience, having held a number of sales roles as well as design, development and other information technology positions. Starting as a web programmer, Jeremy’s interest soon branched into design and marketing. He has worked on a variety of web projects including design, development, usability software, e-commerce, search engine optimization, online game development and more. Jeremy is a huge music lover and enjoys all kinds of music; he likes listening to heavy metal and electronic music among others.  He enjoys working out at the local gym and enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Partnering with Sunseekers Entertainment, Jeremy has recently completed an Electronic Dance Music event featuring international and homegrown talent. Jeremy is also proud to have completed his inbound marketing certification from HubSpot Academy. You can find his resume by following the link below.